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Designed and built in The Bat Shed www.thebatshed.co.uk

T: 01536 791051

M: 07548 828050

E: graham@onevisiondj.co.uk

We understand that all events are unique and so are you...

Our no obligation consultation service allows us to get to know you. It's a chance for us to learn what music you like and what atmosphere you want us to create.

Musical tastes vary and while we are experienced in keeping the party going, we always want to play the music that you want.

Supply us with a list of 30 'must plays' and this will be the soundtrack of your life. We will choose complimentary music to continue the party long into the night leaving you to re-live those special memories with family & friends.  Not only that, we want everyone to have a night to remember and will take requests from your guests all night long.

Lighting is very important. It creates the atmosphere you want and can transform the ambience of any venue. We will help you create just the right effects for you & your guests, from high energy 'club' style lighting to more subtle colour 'wash' changes. But one thing we will promise...nothing is more important than the music!

And finally, to ensure our commitment to you and your guests every booking is accompanied by a contract, giving you peace of mind and our assurance that we will be there to celebrate with you!